Wrench (Subject 27B)

Literal greasemonkey.


Role: Greasemonkey
Moves: Good With Your Hands
Jam it Up
Custom Job

Might: 0
Hustle: 2
Brains: 2
Smooth: -1
Soul: 0

Story: War Vet
Moves: I got a buddy…
Regular at the VA
Brothers in Green

Buzz: Respect

Hooks: Rocko is great. A great meat wall. Someone’s gotta look out for him though, because he sure won’t.
It would be a crime to have hands on Sister Midnight other than mine.
Former partners with Tawnie. Resentful of her bionic X-Tech powers.
I could take or leave Sister Midnight the person. That car though…

Thangs: Bidness – Larry’s Body Shop

Cash: $50
Repair Kit (3 charges)
Big Wrench (2-harm, hand, messy)
Pickup Truck (“Bertha”), tow-bar included (2 power, 0 looks, 1 armor, sluggish)
Operator’s Manual


Being a lab animal is rarely a fun experience. When X-Tech was first discovered, people tried to experiment on animals, giving them bionic enhancements, super powers, and the like. Wrench was one of the earliest, a baboon given extreme intelligence, he was briefly the project’s star subject, until motherfucking Steve Austin made headlines. The Six Million Dollar Man proved that X-Tech could be used on humans, making animal test subjects not exciting at all. The Army shunted him off to a base in Da Nang to be “retired,” but on the way his convoy came under fire. Thinking quickly, he jury rigged some armor plating from one of the disabled Jeeps, fixed the damaged engines he could, and helped the convoy escape with only minor casualties. For this he was formally enlisted in the Army, working in the motor pool in Vietnam and eventually earning the rank of Chief Petty Officer. Now, he’s retired, and owns a body shop (“Larry’s Body Shop”) in the city. Most people aren’t used to seeing a sentient baboon, so he tends to keep to himself, as he’s not fond of the pointing and stares and such.

Wrench (Subject 27B)

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