Raised by dingos and out for revenge!


Rocko has lots of muscles. He never wears shirts. Never. He shaves when his beard starts getting in his mouth. He is tall and looks a bit like a troll. He is not the handsome kind of muscle man. He doesn’t think about much beyond his immediate situation. Except for revenge. He thinks about that a lot.

Tough Guy
Nature Boy

Might 3
Hustle 2
Smooth -1
Brains 0
Soul 0

Special abilities:
Stone cold killer
One at a time or one for all
From the Tree tops

Wrench is the alpha. He will always do what he says and protect him.

Sister midnight is his ex-girlfriend. He liked her but not her car and apparently that was a problem.

Respects Tawnie, feels like she sees a side of him other people don’t.


Rocko was abandoned on the side of Tanami Road just north of Tilla Well as a baby. There was no note, just a pair of brass knuckles tucked under his head. He shouldn’t have lasted more than a few hours in the scorching sun but Rocko was badass even as a baby so he was fine until a pack of Dingos found him several days later. The dingos, probably recognizing his potential as a pack leader, decided to raise him as one of their own. Rocko grew up scampering up rock formations and leaping over chasms. He was insanely strong, pretty fast, and didn’t have a care in the world.

One day his pack found a man who was dyeing of thirst. Most of the pack wanted to leave the man to die but Rocko went to the pack leader and beseeched him to have the pack bring the man to safety. The pack leader reminded Rocko that he would one day be pack leader and that he would have to learn the consequences for his decisions. He then agreed to bring the man back to town.

The man’s name was Johnny Bianco and he was an underboss and in the American Italian Mafia who was lying low in Australia. He was also a boxing champion. He taught Rocko english and showed him some boxing moves. Johnny recognized how strong Rocko was and how he’d make an amazing fighter. After a few years, Johnny returned to the US and Rocko and his pack returned to roaming the outback.

Then, one fateful day, Johnny came back. He told Rocko he wanted to take him back to America and show off his talents. Rocko refused, saying that his pack needed him. Johnny said that that could be fixed and had his men open fire on the pack. Rocko was enraged and punched Johnny in the face with his brass knuckles so hard that Johnny still has a brass knuckle-shaped scar across his face. Johnny and Rocko then fought each other. Johnny knocked Rocko out. Rocko wants a rematch more than anything else in the world. Then his men killed the rest of the pack and brought Rocko back to the US to fight in an underground fighting ring.

When Rocko woke up he was crushed that his attempt to lead the pack had ended in their murder. He vowed to take revenge and set about plotting his escape.

He dominated the fighting pits. One day, after a particularly bloody match, his handler turned his back on him. Rocko broke the bars on his cell, threw the man against the wall and leapt out a window.


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