Alex Samson

Paranoid Former Charlie's Angel


Former Badge turned Vigilante searching for Justice. Alex has short, red hair. She’s 38 years old and has put on a few pounds since leaving her former career, but she doesn’t let that stop her from her quest.


A decade ago, Detective Alex Samson was part of one of the most elite investigative crime-fighting squads out there, Marley’s Cherubs. Specializing in gunplay, roller skating, and justice, codename Scarlett Heat struck fear into the hearts of every crook on her beats. However, the beats she worked were full of crime that could just never be explained. She started investigating, even specializing in paranormal and/or extraterrestrial activities, much to the dismay of Chief Marley, who never really believed what she found was real. Her squadmates, Raven Whirlwind and Amber Blades, were were more sympathetic, but not enough to jeopardize their careers. When Alex started getting too close to the truth, They came after her loved ones. Her beloved papillion, Toby, has been missing for 2 years now. Who are They? She doesn’t really know. Vampires? Aliens? Sewer people? All are possibilities, and she won’t give up until can bring the fist of justice straight to their unnatural faces. She left Marley’s Cherubs and started her own private investigation company. Now, 38 and not fitting into her old outfits as well as she’d like, she mostly handles missing pet cases in the hopes that it will lead her to Toby.

NPCs: Chief Marley: Alex’s old boss who laughed her off the team for her “paranoid delusions.”

Raven Whirlwind aka Judy Jackson: Member of Marley’s Cherubs specializing in kung fu and computer science. She is sympathetic to Alex, but honestly believes the dog just ran away.

Amber Blades aka Donna Meyers: Blonde bombshell member of Marley’s Angels specializing in knives and feminine wiles. She got caught up in Alex’s investigations before, but can’t let it get in the way of real crime and corruption on the streets.

Alex Samson

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