A bionically enhanced bounty hunter keeping the little green men off our world.


Story: X-Tech

X-tech traits

  • X-Tech Expert – When working with X-Tech, roll with Something Extra.
  • You automatically have an additional health level, meaning it takes 2-harm to leave you Bruised.
  • Bionic Eye – You have a bionic eye that gives you telescopic vision and allows you to see as well in darkness as you do in daylight.

Role: Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter Moves

  • Skiptrace: You know all the ins and outs of tracking down fugitives. When you do some legwork to locate a person who’s hiding out locally, roll +Brains. On a 10 plus, you’re able to find where that person is or a lead to someone who would know. On a 7-9, you’re able to find a lead, but it’s going to come at a cost determined by the DJ.
  • Kick the Door In: Kicking in doors, and breaking windows is sometimes necessary to get the drop on your target. When you forcefully enter a building, roll with Something Extra against anyone inside.
  • Public Service: When you successfully bring in a fugitive from justice, in lieu of payment, remove all Heat from you and any friends who helped you.

Hustle +2
Might +1
Smooth +1
Soul 0
Brains 0

Buzz: Justice
Thang: Prototype – Signature Weapon that fires Knockout gas ammo

  • Starting cash: $50
  • Semi-auto pistol (2-harm, close, loud)
  • Billy club or baton (2-harm, hand, messy)
  • Can of Mace (1-harm, hand, stun, finite)
  • Leather jacket or bullet-proof vest (1-armor)
  • Pickup truck or van (2-power, 0-looks, 1-armor, sluggish)
  • Handcuffs and other restraints


  • Worked with Wrench at Majestic12
  • I owe Sister Midnight for my last job. She was my wheelman
  • I like to flirt with Rocko to get him to work as muscle for me. But I think he’s thick and dumb.


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