Seti "Sister Midnight" Petrov

Driver! Also an alien.


Story: The Visitor
Visitor traits: Suspended Animation and Electric Field
Visitor drawback: Hunted

Role: Good Ol’ Boy – Sweet Ride is a Pontiac GTO also named Sister midnight
Sister Midnight is a 2 power, 2 look, 1 armor car with off-road capabilities
Role perks: ’Till the Tires Fall Off

Hustle +2
Soul +2
Smooth 0
Brains 0
Might -1

Buzz: Respect

Sister Midnight (the car) is my good luck charm
I’d drive to hell and back for Sister Midnight
I have something to prove to my family


Seti “Sister Midnight” Petrov was born in the former USSR in the middle late 50’s, 9 months after her mother, an administrator on a lesser known Sputnik mission, had a scandalous encounter with the shuttle’s “biological remains.” Her parents’ relationship was never the same and after years of turmoil her mother finally vanished, and Seti moved to a small town in Georgia, U.S.A with her (non-biological) father and older brothers to open a small auto shop.

While scrawny-to-weak Seti could never keep up with the rough and tumble menfolk of her family, She could keep up with the family business of Very Fast Cars and grew up more or less successfully convincing herself that all that she cared about was muscle cars and loud music.

-Adventures since then that roughly coordinate with anyone else? But she’s 22ish so not that many…??

-Doesn’t know she’s an alien.

Seti "Sister Midnight" Petrov

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